Can I bulk upload Daily Fantasy Nerd lineups to Yahoo?

[Note: this process requires some familiarity with excel to complete. We apologize for the complexity. It's on our list to simplify this process.]

A) Download the Yahoo contest csv template.

  1. Go to the page for the Yahoo contest you'd like to enter.
  2. Click "Upload Lineups from CSV" at the bottom right of the page (to the left of the "Reserve entry" button).
  3. Click "Download a .csv template" in Step 1 of the popup.
  4. Open the downloaded Yahoo contest csv template.

B) Download your Daily Fantasy Nerd lineups.

  1. Go to the Yahoo optimizer page for Daily Fantasy Nerd.
  2. Customize the players' table with your own research and analysis.
  3. Click "Build Optimal Lineups".
  4. Click "Export to CSV" (right above "Build Optimal Lineups"). Or save lineups by clicking "Save All Lineups" or the heart icon in the top right of the lineup card. Then, go to the "Lineups" tab and click "Export to CSV" when you're finished managing your lineups.
  5. Open the downloaded Daily Fantasy Nerd lineups csv.

C) Merge the Daily Fantasy Nerd lineups into the Yahoo contest csv template.

  1. See our DraftKings video for an example of how to complete this section (note that you'll still have to do steps 3-5 below differently for Yahoo):
  2. Copy/paste the Daily Fantasy Nerd lineups into the Yahoo contest csv template. For example, copy to cell Z1.
  3. Insert a column to the left of column N (Id + Name).
  4. Set this column to the full name for each player by entering the following formula in cell N7: L7&" "&M7
  5. Copy/paste that formula for all the players in that contest so that your new column has all the full names of the players.
  6. Assign the "ID + Name" of the Daily Fantasy Nerd lineups by entering the following formula in cell A2: =VLOOKUP(Z1, $N:$O, 2, FALSE)
  7. For Step 6, Z1 should be the top-left cell where you copied the Daily Fantasy Nerd lineups. $N:$O should be the two columns with the full player name and the "ID + Name".
  8. Copy/paste the formula from Step 6 from A2 through HX, where X = 1 + the number of Daily Fantasy Nerd lineups that you produced.
  9. Save your file.

D) Upload to Yahoo.

  1. Click "Upload Lineups from CSV" in the Yahoo contest page.
  2. Click "Choose File" in the popup.
  3. Select the file you saved from Step C.
  4. Click upload.

If you run into issues, please email us at with your csv file and we can help you figure it out.


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