What does the bankroll tracker do?

The bankroll tracker gives you a way to analyze your results, see how profitable you are overall, and helps you determine how to optimize your contest entry strategy.

The graph dropdown allows you to look at these stats: cumulative profit, score, winning score, finish, win rate, entry fees, and winnings.

Most importantly, you can see how your profitability looks like per contest type, per contest size, and per entry fee in the cohort table at the bottom. These categories of analysis can help you determine how you can adjust the contests you are entering to improve your overall profitability.

To learn more, check out this video on DFS Bankroll Tracker and Contest Entry Strategy. We show you how to analyze your DFS performance in less than 5 minutes using Daily Fantasy Nerd's bankroll tracker tool. We go over common trends and mistakes that new players make. Finally, we recommend contest entry and bankroll management strategies so you can improve your profitability.


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